The Sleaping Dragon by Joel Rosenberg

A group of college students get zapped into a fantasy world while playing a game of D&D. Each possessing not only the knowledge and skills of their fictional lives, but their real, modern lives as well.

This is a story of how they make there way in a world fraught with danger that hours before was just a figment of their imaginations as they try to find a way to get back home. How will they cope? Will their modern day ideas and knowledge serve them or hinder them here?

This is the beginning of a large series. (I think its up to ten books now)  I read it up to the 4th book, but lost interest in the series by book 5.   I have it, I just haven’t read it. The heavy overtones of modern day thinking in a fantasy universe was for me, pretty much played out by then and it began to feel more like I was reading a sermon.  Oh well that being said, the first book was an enjoyable read and it was the characters that kept me coming back for the next book and the next and the next…


Team Yankee

Team Yankee by Harold Coyle

A “page turner” tale of a US mechanized infantry platoon and their families stationed in West Germany at the outbreak of World War III. Gives a very gritty account of what a confrontation between NATO and Soviet Bloc forces could have been like and its effects on their families living on base as they evacuate Europe.

For me, this book pretty much hits home. I was an army brat and spent quite a bit of time in West Germany so I can connect with the story quite easily. I’d highly recommend this to fellow army brats or anyone in the who was in the US military, stationed in Europe during the late 70’s or during the 80’s.

The Postman

The Postman by David Brin

A mans journey through the post apocalyptic American north west and the fate that befalls him when he dons the uniform of a long dead postal worker.

Gordon is not a dishonest man by nature, but the simple necessity of staying alive and a simple ruse cascades into a river of lies built upon more lies.  By taking on the identity of a mail man he inadvertently starts a wave of hope thats steadily builds in momentum.  Now trapped in this web of deceit, he sees no way out.  But what will happen if or when the truth comes out?

You may have already seen the movie but it doesn’t do it justice.  Read the book, it’s so much better!

The Xenocide Mission by Ben Jeapes

A fast paced sci-fi tale with a great series of twists and turns. The book was marketed for the young adult market but don’t let that throw you, a good story, is a good story.

This is the second of a series. While I haven’t read the first one yet, you may want to pick that one up first, as this one pretty much tells you right off how the first book ended. I’d recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good adventure tale.

Night Watch

Night Watch by Robin Wayne Bailey

A murder mystery set in the fantasy world of Greyhawk with a hard boiled detective novel feel.

Garett Starlen, night shift commander of the city watch must solve the murders of the cities greatest seers, all killed on the same night. Something ominous is spreading across the city and whats with all the birds?

The Doom Brigade

The Doom Brigade by Margarett Weis and Don Perrin

What happens to a soldier when the war ends? Most return to whatever they were doing prior to the war… but what if there was no “prior”? What if your sole purpose in life was to fight? What does a creature, created for war, do when the fighting stops?

The Doom Brigade follows a group of Draconians (shock troops created with dark magic from the eggs of dragons) after their defeat in the War of the Lance. Left to a world that reviles them and faced with there own, impending extinction, this once formidable group of soldiers must find a way to co-exist in a world that is bent on their destruction.

Ogre Ogre

Ogre Ogre by Piers Anthony

Smash is an ogre. Ogres are ugly, rude, disgusting and stupid. Its a fact of life in the world of Xanth. But what happens when you take “stupid” out of the mix?

Follow the adventures of Smash and his compatriots as he makes his away across the pun filled world of Xanth.

Even though this is the fifth book in the series, it’s the one that started my love for the world of Xanth and is still one of my favorites it’s also the one I usually hand to friends to get them hooked.